3 Home Improvement Projects for a More Energy-Efficient House

Often, home and business owners immediately think that cutting energy costs is a grand endeavor. And sure, while some of the bigger fixes do require an investment, there are several projects that you can do to not only improve your home, but improve its energy-efficiency, as well.

Establish a landscaping strategy

When you go to spruce up your curb appeal next, think with your home’s energy in mind. Trees and plants prove to be the most efficient natural insulators, providing protection and shade to you and your home during the summer.

Focus on your windows

Green Home Improvement Projects

Since windows are a thin barrier between you and the world, they are one of the biggest gainers and losers of energy in the entire house. In other words: they’re important!

So let’s renovate them: consider blinds or double-glazing the windows, which will go far in keeping cold air out, and warm air in. (Less energy all around.)

And when in doubt, opt for natural light!

Seek out the vampires

What do you mean, vampires?

Here’s an inside tip: when you turn off an appliance, it’s not really off; it’s actually on standby.

Which consumes at least ten percent of your energy bill. Those are what we call “vampires.” So, find them, unplug them, and if you have any old surge protectors, replace them. Believe us: your home energy bill will thank you.

Reducing your home energy consumption doesn’t have to be complicated. Start small and then work your way up. For more information on cutting energy costs and your renewable energy needs, call on the team at Empire Clean Energy Supply. Give us a call at 631-589-4340 today!