4 Tips for Going Green as a Renter

If you own a home or business, it’s easy to make the switch to an energy-efficient lifestyle. But when you’re renting a property, it’s a lot harder to implement sustainable strategies. Although it may be difficult, it’s never impossible to make your rental energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Here are some helpful tips for going green in a rental property:

Make the Switch Energy Efficient Appliances

One of the first steps to creating a greener lifestyle is to switch to energy-efficient appliances. For example, replace all light bulbs with more energy-efficient versions. Also, when you’re looking for appliances, always look for Energy Star appliances. Energy Star meets government standards to use less energy. You can find dishwashers, refrigerators, TVs, laptops, printers, and more with this label.

Don’t forget, when you’re not using your appliances, make sure that you unplug them to conserve energy.

Find a Spot that Highlights Walkability

Being able to walk to your favorite stores and restaurants can appeal to the renter. This can even be used as a selling point to attract tenants. Plus, it eliminates the need for driving or public transportation, which will also help keep harmful toxins out of the air.

Insulating Doors and Windows

If your home isn’t properly insulated, it’s easy for heat and cold air to escape. By weatherstripping your rental space, you can spend less energy and save money on heating and cooling. Adding non-adhesive film to the inside of your windows will help block heat during the summer and help your home heat up more quickly in the winter.

Talk to Your Landlord About Making the Switch

There is no harm in asking your landlord to upgrade to your rental property to help increase the value of their property. Plus they’ll have a positive impact on the environment. Try suggesting looking into geothermal heating systems and solar thermal systems.

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