6 Advantages of Commercial Solar Panels for Business Owners

Did you know that office buildings account for 22 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in New York State? Do your part to protect the environment (while saving yourself some money) by installing solar panels.

Here are some of the advantages of commercial solar panels for business owners:

solar panels being installed on roof

Low-profile design

Solar panels are unobtrusive and are installed flat on your business’s roof.

Because they sit directly on low-profile aluminum brackets, rodents can’t get in and cause damage.

Easy installation

When you call a pro to install solar panels, they’ll be quickly and easily installed due to their simple design.

Increase the life of your roof

Because they can protect against water damage and rodents, solar panels can actually make your roof last longer.

Reduce (or even eliminate) utility expenses

Solar panels reduce your business’s reliance on electricity. In some areas where electricity costs are high, commercial solar panels can provide a return on investment in just three to five years.

Public perception

Tenants and customers will see and appreciate that your business is going green by using renewable energy. The public image boost might even lead to increased sales!

Investing in the future

Get solar panels installed today to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in the future of the planet, while also investing in the future of your business.

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