Net Metering, Explained: How Excess Solar Energy Can Benefit You

While using a solar panel system, you may have times where your panels collect excess solar energy. But what can you do with that excess energy? That’s where net metering comes in. What is Net Metering? Net metering is a billing arrangement between you and your utility company that allows you to earn credits for… Read more »

The Different Types of Solar Incentives

There are many reasons to invest in solar panels. Not only is it good for the environment, but you can also take advantage of many economic incentives. Below are some of the types of solar incentives you can expect from buying solar panels. Tax Credits When you install solar panels, a portion of your project’s… Read more »

The Future of Solar Energy: Trends and Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

If you’re thinking about investing in solar energy for your home or business, you want to know what the industry will be like in 2023 and beyond. After all, you need to know if it’ll be a safe investment in future years. Here, we discuss the solar energy trends and predictions to help you see… Read more »

Five Solar Energy Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

Believe us when we say: it’s an incredibly exciting time for solar. Not only have prices for solar energy plummeted way beyond anyone’s expectations in recent years, but also, an increasing number of public and private entities are embracing solar at a rate never seen before. However, there’s reason for concern: while solar might be… Read more »

What Is Solar Offset?

Solar offset is the amount of electricity your solar energy system produces (solar production) in a year divided by how much energy your home used in that year (energy usage). It is expressed as a percentage, and looks something like this: Solar Production ÷ Energy Usage = Solar Offset How do you determine your solar… Read more »

How to Choose the Best Solar Battery for Your System

A solar battery stores the electricity that your solar panel system generates for later use. These batteries are quite powerful, but they’re not all created equal. Different batteries work for different solar panel systems. Here are some things you should consider when choosing the best solar battery for your system: Power Rating Each solar battery… Read more »

Is Solar Energy a Smart Investment?

People are always looking for ways to invest their money. They often turn to more traditional investments like an S&P500. However, research suggests that investing in solar energy can get you a greater bang for your buck. Here are a few reasons why: You get a greater return on investment (ROI) Many investments are risky,… Read more »

Could Thermal Batteries Store Sunshine?

There are more and more people turning to solar power for all of their energy needs. It’s one of the cleanest forms of energy, and people are able to get access to it simply by using the sun. However, one of the big drawbacks with solar energy is that you can’t harness the power of… Read more »

How to Make Your Office More Environmentally-Friendly

While many people focus their efforts on making their homes and living spaces green, we often forget that we don’t spend most of our time there. In fact, a majority of our day, at least when we’re consuming energy, is spent at work. So, it should be of equal task to do the same within… Read more »

Understanding the Different Types of Renewable Energy

Everyone’s talking about renewable energy these days as a way to save the planet and cut costs. But as we all know, there are different types of renewable energy out there. Here, we discuss the main types of renewable energy so that you can make more informed choices. Solar energy Photovoltaic, or PV, systems use… Read more »