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A Guide to Solar Tax Credits and Incentives in New York State

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If you’re a New Yorker considering solar panels for your home or business, you’re in luck! New York State offers a variety of tax credits and incentives to make the switch to solar energy more affordable. Here, we’ll provide an overview of these programs and explain how they can help you save money on your… Read more »

Net Metering, Explained: How Excess Solar Energy Can Benefit You

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While using a solar panel system, you may have times where your panels collect excess solar energy. But what can you do with that excess energy? That’s where net metering comes in. What is Net Metering? Net metering is a billing arrangement between you and your utility company that allows you to earn credits for… Read more »

The Different Types of Solar Incentives

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There are many reasons to invest in solar panels. Not only is it good for the environment, but you can also take advantage of many economic incentives. Below are some of the types of solar incentives you can expect from buying solar panels. Tax Credits When you install solar panels, a portion of your project’s… Read more »

How to Reduce Energy Usage During a Heat Wave

Currently, Europe and the UK are in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave. It is just one example out of many showing the world-wide effects of climate change. Heat waves will soon become the norm not just in Europe, but all over the world. As such, we need to be prepared for the inevitable… Read more »

How To Make Solar Panels As Efficient As Possible

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People all over the country are installing solar panels in their homes and businesses to save money on their energy bills and to be responsible stewards of the environment. But not everyone is getting the most possible energy out of their panels. Here are a few tips to make your solar panels more efficient, helping… Read more »

The Top 4 Places for Energy Loss in Your Home

The Top 4 Places for Energy Loss in Your Home

Did you know that your home is losing energy constantly, even during this very moment? While some energy loss is inevitable, you can nevertheless control the amount you lose. The less energy you lose, the less money you will lose. Plus, reducing energy loss can help the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint. However, before… Read more »

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Installing Solar Panels?

Solar Panels

The short answer to this question is that businesses of all types can benefit from installing solar energy into their buildings. There are plenty of reasons why businesses should consider adding solar panels to their building. For example, installing solar panels has proven overtime to reduce operating costs and it has a good return on… Read more »

3 Of the Biggest Ways You Are Wasting Energy in Your Home or Business

Energy Saving Tips

When we’re not paying attention to it, we don’t notice how much energy we use each day. If you’re looking for a way to help save our planet while reducing your energy consumption, you’re in luck! There are plenty of energy-wasting habits that you probably do every day that you can easily change. Let’s look… Read more »

How Can You Commit to a Greener Year?

Going Green in Your Home

If you’re looking to make a difference, 2021 is the year to start! The beginning of a new year is always a great time to start making some positive changes, break old habits, and start the new year on the right foot. Here are a few ways that you can commit to a greener year:… Read more »

How Do You Know That It’s Time to Replace Your Heating System?

Geothermal Heating Systems

It can be difficult deciding whether it’s time to give up on repairing your heating system and replace it with a new one. Because your heating system is crucial to your home, you’ll want it to always be in the best shape, especially during the cold winter months. Here are some tips that will help… Read more »