Company Background

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After dealing solely with Photovoltaics, ECES decided to bring in Solar Thermal and Geothermal products, making itself a more versatile company. With the addition of these two renewable energy systems, ECES expanded internally and externally. With the field constantly changing and improving ECES began to develop close relationships with its manufacturers to ensure accurately and the most up to date product information. ECES works closely with these manufacturers to develop more effective components which in turn makes installations faster and simpler, maximizing time and profit for an installer.

ECES is a family owned company which allows for a more personal experience, expedited service, and quick response times. Customers will find ECES has the ability to have extremely quick turn around times. The customer service, from sales to shipping, are friendly and there for the customer’s needs. Customer support will work vigorously with the customer to find a solution for any problematic design or installation issues.

So become part of the family and join the Empire Clean Energy Supply team.