Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

Solar panels are used to convert sunlight into electricity. They are usually placed on the rooftops of buildings to help capture the most amount of direct sunlight. When you’re living in sunnier parts of the state, such as California or Texas, you may not need to think twice about your solar panels once you install them. However, if you’re living in a part of the state that experiences snowy winters, you may begin to question if solar panels are for you. 

Solar Panels for Your Home

Here is everything you need to know about how solar panels function in the winter: 

Will Solar Panels Work Covered in Snow? 

As long as there is enough direct sunlight hitting your solar panels, the temperature doesn’t affect them. In fact, solar panels will usually produce their maximum output in cooler temperatures. 

Solar Panels Can Handle the Weight of Snow

Your solar panels are designed to withhold a certain amount of weight. Typically, an average snowfall won’t be heavy enough to disrupt the function of the panels. Most solar panels are installed tilted at an angle, so if there is heavy snowfall, it will likely slide off on its own. 

Snow Helps Clean Your Panels

Believe it or not, snowfall can be good for your solar panels. When the snow melts, it helps clean any dirt on the panels. When there is a buildup of dirt on your solar panels, it can affect your panels’ efficiency. So, when the snow melts off of your panels, it will take away the dirt with it, leaving you with cleaner, more efficient panels. 

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