Going Green: 6 Home Energy-Saving Tips for Spring

Spring is the season of green, from the fresh green grass to the bright green budding trees and plants. Embrace the season by going green with these 6 home energy-saving tips!

Flip on the ceiling fanGoing Green: 6 Home Energy-Saving Tips for Spring

Lower electricity bills by turning off the air conditioning and cranking up the ceiling fan. Change the direction of your ceiling fan blades to counterclockwise to force the air down, which will help cool your room and maintain airflow.

Seal air leaks

Stop cool air from escaping through cracks in your home. Seek out sources of air leakage and use caulk to seal up the openings. Check for leaks around windows, doors, and foundation walls. If you can keep warm air out and cool air in, you cut energy costs.

Turn off the lights

There is nothing like a little natural light to help you hop on the green living train. Open your blinds and switch off your artificial lights during the day to cut costs, using the free light from outside until the sun goes down. Switch lightbulbs to LED lighting to cut energy usage.

Program your thermostat

Save on energy costs by setting your thermostat to 78 degrees. This temperature allows you to save some money while remaining comfortable in your home. Program your thermostat to a higher temperature when you are not at home to save even more.

Swap out your appliances

Spring is the season for all things new! If it is time to give your home an upgrade with some updated appliances, swap your old machines with energy efficient models that cut down on costs and save your home some energy.

Tune up your refrigerator

Your refrigerator takes up a lot of your home’s energy, so ensure it is running properly to save as much energy as possible. Clear any dust and dirt away from your refrigerator’s coils, and keep the inside about two-thirds full. Check the seals on the door to make sure they are tight.

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