Geothermal Heating Systems in Long Island, NY

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Many of the home and business owners in Long Island, NY who are looking to cut their energy costs are investing in solar solutions. The sun has proven to be a very valuable resource for those people as many of them have chosen to install photovoltaic systems or solar thermal systems from Empire Clean Energy Supply on top of their homes and businesses. There is another option available for those looking to heat and cool their residential and commercial properties without wasting electricity and spending more money than they would like on energy bills.

There are a lot of home and business owners who are starting to invest in ground source heat pumps, also known as geothermal heat pumps, from Empire Clean Energy Supply. Unlike solar thermal systems that rely on the sun to provide a home or business with the energy it needs to create electricity or heat, geothermal heat pumps in Long Island, NY transfer heat to and from a building by using the ground beneath it. In the wintertime, the ground is used as a heat source, and in the summertime, it’s used as a heat sink. It’s the perfect solution for those interested in heating and cooling their homes for just a fraction of what they’re paying now.

What Are the Most Important Pieces of Equipment in a Geothermal Heating System?

Would you like to begin offering ground source heat pumps in Long Island, NY to your customers? If so, you’re going to need to make sure you have the right equipment. Empire Clean Energy Supply is a renewable energy distributor that can supply you with everything you’ll need to provide geothermal heating systems to home and business owners in the area from now on.

There are only a few basic pieces of equipment you’ll need to set up a geothermal heating system. Each of these pieces plays a very important part in the system’s process and needs to come from a reputable company like Empire Clean Energy Supply. To set up a system, you’ll need:

  • A heat pump unit
  • A ground heat exchanger
  • An air delivery system (duct work)

There is also a water solution that circulates through the system to move thermal energy around. Empire Clean Energy Supply can provide what you’ll need to put a geothermal heating system into place inside of a home or business in Long Island, NY.

How Do Ground Source Heat Pumps Work?

The temperature just below the Earth’s surface almost always sits at somewhere between 40- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Ground source heat pumps take advantage of this by either pulling heat from the ground when they’re being used to heat homes and businesses or transferring heat down into the ground when they’re being used to cool them. They use relatively simple processes to carry these actions out.

When it’s cold outside in the winter, the water solution that circulates through a geothermal heating system from Empire Clean Energy Supply is used to absorb heat from the ground as it moves through the system’s ground heat exchanger. The warm water then makes its way into a home or business where it enters the heat pump. The heat pump concentrates all the thermal energy in the water solution and transfers it over into the air located in the duct work system in a home or business. That air is distributed throughout a home or business to heat it up.

When it’s warm outside in the summer, this process plays out in reverse. Any excess heat located inside of a home or business is transferred to the water solution in the geothermal heating system and moved down into the ground heat exchanger. The heat is relocated to the ground, so it doesn’t take a toll on a home or business anymore. There is also a device called a desuperheater used to send excess heat from a home or business to the hot water heater in it. This can provide homes and businesses with hot water without forcing them to use up energy to get it.

The Advantages of Installing Geothermal Heating Systems

Although many people continue to use solar solutions to lower the energy costs associated with heating and cooling homes and businesses, many are also starting to come around to the idea of utilizing geothermal heating systems in Long Island, NY. The right heating system from Empire Clean Energy Supply can save them a ton of money.

That’s far from the only reason to install a ground source heat pump in a home or business. Some of the other advantages of installing one include:

  • Keeps a home or business at the intended temperature all year long
  • Lowers carbon dioxide emissions from homes and businesses
  • Reduces the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning since combustion no longer takes place inside a home or business
  • Allows home and business owners to access generous rebates and tax credits from New York State as well as tax credits from the federal government
  • Works in tandem with solar electric generating systems to save even more money

Are you an installer interested in purchasing the components you’ll need to install geothermal heating systems in homes and businesses in Long Island, NY? Call Empire Clean Energy Supply at 631-589-4340 to learn more about ground source heat pumps and how they work.