How Businesses Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

With the global temperature continuing to rise, the pressure for businesses to adopt more eco-friendly habits has also grown. After all, 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to just 100 companies around the globe. So, what can you, as a business, do to reduce your carbon footprint? Here are a few ways:

Limit business travel

How Businesses Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Cars and planes are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, so limiting how much your business relies on them can be a huge step in reducing your carbon footprint. You can encourage your employees to carpool, bike, or walk to work by providing showers for those who bike and walk, and preferred parking spots for those who carpool. Additionally, your business can rely on video conferencing or other telecommuting technologies instead of flying someone out for a meeting.

Aim for zero waste

By eliminating waste from your company, you can dramatically reduce your carbon emissions. The first step in doing so is to administer an energy audit that will identify where, exactly, waste is being generated. Once you know what is causing the waste, you can make steps to reduce it.

Invest in renewable energy

Switching over to renewable energy is the only way for us to take control of the climate crisis. Doing so will not only limit the demand for fossil fuels, it will also limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the air. In New York, switching to solar energy would eliminate the same amount of carbon emissions that come from burning 5000 pounds of coal each year. While making the switch may cost more upfront, it will actually save your business money in the long run. Solar panels, for instance, can reduce overall energy costs for businesses by 75%.

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