How to Go Green with Your Roofing

What do you think is one of the most environmentally important parts of your home? The kitchen? The bedroom? The living room? The driveway?

Actually, it’s an answer you may not expect: the roof!

The roof is a home’s major point of contact with the biggest energy source known to man: the sun. As a result, it’s a vital part of any energy-saving strategy—if you use it wisely.

Here’s how to go green with your roofing:

Make it come alive

A “living” roof is exactly what it sounds like: you’re making your roof come alive with a variety of plants and flowers.

By adding a thin layer of soil, you can turn your roof into a garden, which will insulate your home better, resist rising temperatures, and lower those A/C costs. Main thing here is just to keep on top of maintenance with that direct sun.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Solutions

Put the sun to work for you with solar panels

If your roof is getting all that sun, why not take advantage of it by going solar? Installing solar panels is not only cheaper than ever, but, also, is a great way to cut your energy bills in half and give back to your community’s solar grid. Win-win-win.

Consider an overhang

While overhanging is often expensive, it’s a solid option if you’re already planning a roof renovation. What you’re essentially doing here is building out the roof so that it effectively covers the majority of your home’s exterior. This will keep your interior cooler, healthier, and greener.

Invest in more receptive materials

Many older homes’ roofs were built with materials that absorb too much heat or are altogether bad for the environment. It’s worth making the investment to bring these roofs into the 21st century, with more environmentally-friendly materials like tar, tiles, or clay.

With these tips in mind, your roof will be closer to achieving its utmost green potential. And at Empire Clean Energy Supply, we can help get you there. Give us a call at 631-589-4340 today to learn more about PV, Solar Thermal, and Geothermal systems!