How to Make Your Office More Environmentally-Friendly

While many people focus their efforts on making their homes and living spaces green, we often forget that we don’t spend most of our time there. In fact, a majority of our day, at least when we’re consuming energy, is spent at work. So, it should be of equal task to do the same within our office!

Here are a few ways you can make your office more environmentally-friendly:

Bring in the natural lightwoman working at desk with plants and papers

One of the biggest energy consumers in our offices are the lights—they’re almost constantly on, they’re usually bigger than just bulbs, and they can be older models, rather than cost-saving LEDs. But to get around this (aside from opting to LEDs), let the sun do its work: try to bring in as much natural light as you can. Pull the blinds up, open the window, or work in an area that receives more natural light. Not only will this save energy, but it’s also been proven to increase productivity.

Add some plant co-workers

An office can often appear sterile—and that’s because, more times than not, it is. Air is stuffy, colors are bland, and the outside is blocked out. That’s why office plants are a great addition to any workplace: they improve air quality, add a dose of natural happiness to the space, and make the office appear cleaner, and healthier.

Go paperless

This is one of the tougher tips, but it’s worthwhile: set an office-wide goal of going paperless. You can set incremental goals for your co-workers—like, just one block of printer paper this month, and a half next month. Raise awareness of the paper being used, and recycle whatever paper is used. Switch to digital—it’s less messy, and better for the environment!

Embrace renewable energy

If you have the ability to push for a major green initiative, do so with the implementation of renewable energy sources! Rooftop solar installations, and solar thermal and geothermal energy systems could cut down your office’s overall energy consumption, creating a most efficient environment for you and your employees.

With these tips in mind, your office will be on its way to a greener future. Call our team at Empire Clean Energy Supply at 631-589-4340 today to get started!