How to Reduce Energy Usage During a Heat Wave

Currently, Europe and the UK are in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave. It is just one example out of many showing the world-wide effects of climate change. Heat waves will soon become the norm not just in Europe, but all over the world. As such, we need to be prepared for the inevitable energy shortages that come with heat waves.

Limit how much you use your air conditioner

During a heat wave, the biggest thing that eats up energy is our air conditioning. While you don’t want to be uncomfortable, you can reduce how much you use your air conditioning by carefully controlling the temperature in your home. We recommend setting your temperature at 78 degrees while you’re at home, and then letting it go up to 85 degrees while you’re away. You can also use thermal curtains to keep out the heat from the sun and invest in home improvement projects such as insulation replacement, roofing replacement, and more.

Turn off all non-essential lights and electronics

A single lamp won’t eat up much electricity, but multiple lamps and electronic devices certainly can. If you’re not actively using a light or electronic appliance, turn it off. For example, instead of having automatic lights, simply turn on a light whenever you’re in a room and turn it off once you leave. We also recommend turning off all computers, printers, and other devices when you’re not using them instead of letting them sit idle.

Conduct your own home energy audit

Even if you do everything above, you could still be losing quite a bit of energy in your home. Doing your own home energy audit can help you find areas of improvement to reduce energy waste. Not sure how to start? Read through our guide on how to conduct your home energy audit here.

Once the heat wave has passed, you may start thinking about more reliable sources of energy. Solar panels can help supply your home with much-needed energy all-year round. Contact Empire Clean Energy today at 631-589-4340 to learn more.