Photovoltaics of Empire Clean Energy Supply in Long Island NY

Photovoltaic solar panels

Large photovoltaic solar panels currently provide electricity for many homes and commercial buildings in Long Island, NY. There has also been an increasing tendency to use smaller photovoltaic systems to provide electricity for pumps, road signs, telephone boxes, streetlights, and more. Empire Clean Energy Supply is a renewable energy company that believes an innovative approach to the use of photovoltaics and the rapidly developing technology tied to them will be the key to its success.

At the most basic level, the cells in photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity through the interaction of photons and electrons within a semiconductor material. To create a cell in photovoltaic solar panels, a material such as silicone is doped with atoms from an element with one more or one less electron than what occurs in its matching substance (e.g., silicone).

A thin layer of each material is joined to form a junction. Photons, striking the cell, cause this mismatched electron to be dislodged, creating a current as it moves across the junction. Through a grid of physical connections, the current is gathered within photovoltaic systems. Various currents and voltages can be supplied through series and parallel arrays of cells. This is how photovoltaic solar panels in Long Island, NY are so effective.

Empire Clean Energy Supply is committed to finding new ways to utilize photovoltaic systems in Long Island, NY and is capable to providing installers with the products and information they need. For more information on photovoltaic solar panels or any of the other products and services offered by Empire Clean Energy Supply, call 631-589-4340 today.