Solar Panels: Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re debating going solar, you’re naturally going to have plenty of questions. To answer all of your questions, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions consumers have about solar panels and solar energy:

How do solar panels work?Solar Panels: Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels absorb sunlight, transforming it into electricity that can power our homes and businesses. This is done by photovoltaic cells which absorb the sunlight and then convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. DC electricity is then converted to AC, which is then sent to the breaker box that powers your home appliances. To learn more, read our in-depth blog post here.

Is my home suitable for solar panels?

Solar panels are built to adapt to all kinds of climates and roofs. That being said, there are some roofs that are not suited for solar panels. If your roof is too old, or if there is too much tree cover, then solar panels may not be a good option.

Can I install solar panels myself?

If you want your solar panels to work properly, then getting them professionally installed is the best way to go.

How much money will I save with solar panels?

By switching to solar energy, you’ll be saving each month on your utility bills. On average, solar panels can save New Yorkers $73.41 a month and $23,670 over 25 years.

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

Solar energy is clean energy, meaning that it doesn’t pollute our atmosphere with carbon or other pollutants. As a result, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and cutting down on your reliance on more harmful energy resources such as fossil fuels.

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