Solar Thermal Systems in Long Island, NY

Solar thermal systems

When most people think about installing solar solutions for their homes or businesses, they’re thinking about photovoltaic systems. These systems rely on large photovoltaic solar panels to take sunlight and convert it into electricity. However, these systems are not the only solar thermal systems those living in the Long Island, NY area can install on top of their residential or commercial properties.

Solar thermal systems have also become very popular among home and business owners in recent years. Using solar technology that dates back more than a century, solar-powered thermal systems can be used to provide hot water for homes and businesses. Empire Clean Energy Supply can help you set your customers up with a solar water heating system by providing you with everything you’ll need to put one into place in Long Island, NY. These systems can be used to collect heat from sunlight in order to produce hot water, heat, or even electric power in some cases.

How Do Solar Thermal Systems Work?

On the surface, it might seem as though the solar thermal systems available through Empire Clean Energy Supply work the same way that photovoltaic solar systems do. Both systems have panels that go up on a roof in order to absorb solar energy from the sun. Once they collect sunlight, they work in two completely different ways. Photovoltaic systems aim to turn the energy from the sun into electricity, while solar-powered thermal systems make it their mission to generate thermal energy that can be used to heat water up.

A solar water heating system from Empire Clean Energy Supply relies on a series of flat-plate collectors strategically placed on top of a home or business to gather sunlight and turn it into thermal energy. The system also utilizes pumps to push solar fluids, like water or saline, through the collectors so it can take the thermal energy from the sun and deliver it to a water storage tank. Once the thermal energy reaches the tank, it’s able to keep the water inside of it warm without using up any electricity. This water will then take precedence the next time a home or business owner needs hot water so a hot water heater or boiler doesn’t have to be used.

What Equipment Is Needed to Design a Solar Water Heating System?

In order to ensure a solar water heating system in Long Island, NY can do its job, it’s important for installers to outfit homes and businesses with the right equipment. This includes the previously mentioned flat-plate collectors that will need to be placed on top of homes and businesses, preferably on south-facing portions of their roofs. These collectors are insulated and weatherproofed and have a dark absorber plate inside of them that sits beneath a glass cover. They play an integral role in solar thermal systems in Long Island, NY.

Installers also need to be prepared to set up the large water storage tanks that will work in accordance with the collectors to trap thermal energy in the system. Additionally, they need to obtain different moving parts, including pumps and solenoid valves, to get a solar-powered water heating system in Long Island, NY up and running. Since creating solar-powered thermal systems can be a complicated process, installers should always work with a renewable energy distributor like Empire Clean Energy Supply to get the right products for putting a system into place.

The Benefits of Solar Powered Thermal Systems

There are more and more home and business owners in Long Island, NY choosing to install a solar water heating system on their roof these days. They’re doing it because of all the different benefits that come along with using solar power to heat up water inside their residential and commercial properties. As an installer, you can sell home and business owners on solar thermal systems by walking them through the benefits of installing a system.

Some of the biggest benefits of going with a solar-powered water heating system are:

  • It’ll provide a home or business with hot water throughout the year, regardless of how hot or cold it might get outside.
  • It’ll help to bring down energy bills since it’ll limit how often a hot water heater or boiler needs to be used to heat up water.
  • It’ll reduce the carbon dioxide emissions produced by a home or business and lower the carbon footprint of a property.

Solar thermal systems in Long Island, NY can be especially beneficial for buildings that use large amounts of hot water. Apartment complexes, college dormitories, laundromats, and other establishments will see a reduction in their energy costs when a solar water heating system is set up by reputable installers.

Would you like to start offering solar-powered thermal systems to your customers in Long Island, NY? Empire Clean Energy Supply can provide you with the equipment and the expertise you’ll need to do it. From a smaller solar water heating system for a home to a larger solar-powered water heating system for a business, Empire Clean Energy Supply can help you with any size project.

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