Tips for Saving Energy in the Winter

Energy EfficiencyEnergy savings is a topic that is increasing in importance for many households. A growing number of people are concerned about lowering their carbon footprint, while many are also concerned about lowering utility bills in an effort to save money. These tips will help you save energy in the winter.

Lower the Temperature

One of the fastest ways to save energy during winter is to lower the thermostat. Turning the temperature down even a few degrees can yield surprising energy savings. Similarly, turning down the heat at night while you are sleeping will save a lot of energy as night is usually the coldest time. A programmable thermostat makes this easy and automatic, while allowing you to have the house warmer before climbing out of bed. You may also consider only heating rooms that you actually use during the winter to save even more energy.

Wearing an extra layer of clothing or wrapping up in a comfortable blanket on the couch will allow you to be warm with the thermostat adjusted to a lower temperature.

Collect Free Heat

The sun provides free heat throughout the year. Opening curtains or blinds in south-facing windows allows you to collect heat from the sun to warm your home. The more south-facing windows you have, and the more energy efficient the windows, the better results you will experience.

Maintain Heating System

Heating systems need regular maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. Furnaces or boilers should be inspected and cleaned at least once per year to be sure they are operating as efficiently as possible. A dirty boiler or furnace may use considerably more fuel than one that is properly maintained and cleaned.

Invest in Efficiency

Investing in more insulation or more energy-efficient windows and doors may pay for itself over a few years. The energy savings will add up quickly, and you will improve the value of the home at the same time.

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