Which Months Produce the Most Solar Energy?

When you install solar panels onto your property, you want to get as much out of them as possible. While solar panels will work year-round, their production varies depending on the season. Below, we discuss which months you can expect the most solar energy production and why.

Solar Energy Peaks in Late Spring

backyard garden of a beautiful family home with solar panels on

Many people assume that solar energy production peaks in summer. In reality, however, it’s closer to late spring. According to the Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association, solar energy production is highest from May through July and peaks in June. You can also expect good production in March, April, and August. However, once fall and winter begins, production will drop.

What Impacts Solar Energy Production?

So why, exactly is solar energy production highest in June rather than August? Turns out, there are several factors at play:

Angle of the Sun and Length of Days

During the late spring months, the sun is high in the sky and our days are long. As a result, our solar panels will be receiving much more sunlight than they would earlier or later in the year where the sun is lower in the sky and our days are shorter.

Weather and Temperature

You can still receive solar energy on cloudy days, but you do receive less of it. The fall and winter months are full of cloudy or snowy days, hence why production is lower during those months.

In the summer months, you may have plenty of sunny days, but those days are also extremely hot. Severe heat limits solar energy production. This is the main reason why the cooler, spring months produce more solar energy than the hotter, summer months.

In order to take advantage of spring-time solar energy production, make sure you have your solar panels installed and ready-to-go by early spring. At Empire Clean Energy Supply, we can help make that happen. Contact us today to learn more about our solar panel products and services.