Why is Solar Energy So Important?

More and more people are turning to solar energy. And it’s no wonder why. Not only does it provide environmental benefits, but it can also save you money and promote energy independence. Here, we discuss why solar energy is so important for our society.

It’s eco-friendly

solar panels on top of home

Most energy sources fill our air and waterways with pollutants. Solar energy, however, does not rely on fossil fuels but on the sun. As such, it does not further pollute our environment or contribute to global warming.

Solar energy is a renewable resource

One day, fossil fuels will run out. However, the sun will always be there. So, not only is solar energy clean energy, but it is also reliable and renewable.

It will save you money

Solar energy can seem more expensive up front, but over time, it can save you thousands on your energy bills. In fact, the average New Yorker will save $73.41 each month and $23,670 over 25 years. Not only that, but solar panels can increase the value of your home, offering you more money than you would have gotten selling without solar panels.

Solar energy creates jobs

Solar energy is currently creating more jobs than any other US section. According to the National Solar Jobs Census report, solar energy is adding jobs 17 times faster than the overall US economy. By supporting solar energy, then, you’re supporting the economy and industry.

It promotes energy independence

With traditional energy sources, you have to rely on your town’s or city’s power grid. Not so with solar energy. Solar energy can work independently, meaning you won’t be vulnerable to price spikes or outages, especially if you pair it with a backup battery system.

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